Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Soha MMS Scandal Video Clip

Saif Ali Khan younger sister who is not as much popular as Saif, she is also not got a fame for her movies due to poor acting style. She work for money besides the story that her family belongs to the most richest Indian family. But now a days just after the release of this beautiful Bollywood actress Soha MMS scandal video clip, she got an amazing fame throughout the Bollywood gossip and it also increased her number of  fans both in real world as well as on Twitter and Facebook profiles.  Its is confirmed that Rang De Basanti super star Soha Ali khan is the latest victim of a fake MMS scandal.  Soha was on her routine waxing session in a beauty salon where she was caught on a hidden camera in the dressing room and later Soha waxing video clip was exposed on various video sharing websites and blogs. Tweet This

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