Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bollywood Websites

Bollywood is the biggest media company resides in India, it is also the main source of income for million Indians. More then 1 million people are interconnected with this industry and generating revenue for their livings. We can divided the highest paid Bollywood individuals as following.

1- Film Producers
2- Movie Directors
3- Leading actors (hero and heroine)
4- Cinema owners
5- Other actors
6- Technical staff

The above figure just mention only a little part of Bollywood, in reality there are a huge number of individuals who are the part of this industry. There is only one official website of Bollywood www.bollywood.com you can visit this website to get latest update and film reviews. Beside this official website, its began a new trend of launching the domain name with a short review of upcoming Bollywood movies, like you may also visit Dhoom3.com which is the new upcoming movie. Tweet This

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Top 10 Bollywood Heroes

Bollywood is indeed a big revenue generating film industry in India, this industry generate a revenue of billion dollars not only from Indian cinemas but also from International cinema theaters. After Hollywood this is the world second most biggest film industry. Talented directors, actresses and actors are the backbone of this industry. Lets have a look at Bollywood top 10 actors.

1- Sharukh Khan
He is the most versatile actor of Bollywood who starts from National television drama serial.

2- Amir Khan
Aamir Khan can be seen only in few films because he works only in wisely selected movies, which always give a great breakthroughs on blockbuster.

3- Akshay Kumar
No one compete this action hero in Bollywood, he is also very good in comedy movies.

4- Salman Khan
He is very popular in Indian girls just because of his six abs body.

5- Hrithik Roshan
He is a son of a famous Bollywood actor and director, this six fingers man is awesome in emotional acting.

6- Ajay Dewgan
Another cool superstar, he played well the roles of gangsters and also have a good sense of humor.

7- Sanjay Dutt
He becomes very old but still make worth in bad roles.

8- John Abraham
He is the most sexiest Bollywood actor who is also famous as Playboy of the industry.

9- Abhishek Bachchan
Son of ever green versatile Bollywood legend Amitdabh Bachan.

10- Bobby Deol
He is also the son of old Bollywood hero Tweet This

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Trisha Bathroom Video Clips

Tamil actress Trisha Krishnan is once again very popular on Facebook and her fans manage a huge Facebook group which is joined by more then 2 million users. Same Twitter pages are also created that shows attraction toward this lovely lady Trisha. Do you watch the scene of bathroom Trisha video, if not then you are recently become young because Trisha bathing video scene is more then 7 years old.

Here is the story of Trisha bathroom scene; one she was stayed in Mumbai 3 star hotel for her Tamil movie and obviously like other normal human she got tired when shooting finished up and she goes to her hotel room for a hot bath, but unfortunately a bad guy was already waiting for the chance there and he placed a hidden ca in Trisha bathroom, she enjoyed her spa according to her normal routine in which she also sings a romantic song but in low voice. The bad guy captures her complete bathing video in which Trisha was appeared without clothes and she covers her wet body with a towel at the end.

Now more then half Indian population already watched Trisha without clothes in her bathroom video scandal, now some people are demanding to watch Trisha blue film, I really don't watch any MMS or blue movie about her, and I am sure its just a fake news about her. You can confirm this news through searching Trisha blue movie on the Youtube and if you got one then you are free to download this special video clip, but its much better to do not waste your time on such a wrong information. Tweet This

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pippa Middleton Without Clothes

Royal celebrity Pippa Middleton who is now a close relative of Prince harry, she got an unbelievable popularity at royal wedding when she was appeared on the scene in tight fitting white dress. Photographers shows a special interest in taking her buttocks shots. After the release of her background images on the Internet she become a hot celebrity who just got fame in a single day without doing any thing special.

Now Pippa Middleton sunbathing topless video clip and photos are the hot gossip every where, its the hot topic of Facebook community and the most tweed word on the Twitter. Some mad fans are also looking for Pippa Middleton no dress photos, is it possible? Yes it is quite possible because these celebrities can do any thing to get more and more publicity and fame.

Kate Middleton is her younger sister and she is one of the most beautiful British girl, now busy in honeymoon with his prince, she may also notice the glamorous popularity of her elder sister, yes Pipa you won the race. You can join Pippa Middleton  n her Facebook page or Twitter page you can also visit her official blog where she gives a unique party ideas to her blog readers. Tweet This
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